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RE: Garaż maestroba - maestroba - 17-12-2014 19:21

I returned home a Porsche and of course took a golf because it was dirty. I went to a friend is to clean all the way and try new ECU. But we didn't succeed, 5. kilometers from his home, I had a car accident. He came for me, and tow me to his garage because I couldn't start the car. I left him there. I'm thinking to sell if anyone is interested let me know.

[Obrazek: 15858508197_54196c117b.jpg]

[Obrazek: 15858224969_a16b6d59e3.jpg]

[Obrazek: 16042329221_0d42af7799.jpg]

[Obrazek: 16042328601_7888394b1b.jpg]

[Obrazek: 15858505387_5621e38f22.jpg]

RE: Garaż maestroba - Kuba. - 17-12-2014 20:22

5 000 eR ?

RE: Garaż maestroba - maestroba - 17-12-2014 20:43

5000 ER with steel wheels, 6000 with this... Turbo gratis Tongue

RE: Garaż maestroba - maestroba - 18-12-2014 9:50

Yet golf stays with me, but all over again and I work some German Style. So I'll sell this engine and buy a new 1.8 GTI.

[Obrazek: 15426191084_0a0141e470.jpg]

[Obrazek: 15861024798_029e770f22.jpg]

[Obrazek: 15862719777_c1ed9a8d10.jpg]

RE: Garaż maestroba - maestroba - 18-12-2014 17:55

Work, work and work. Tongue

[Obrazek: 16048831611_75f1f6b571.jpg]

[Obrazek: 15864741179_32045a9c6e.jpg]

RE: Garaż maestroba - maestroba - 19-12-2014 12:12

Here's the 2 day that I'm on vacation. The morning I used the maximum I was surfing the internet and I found BBS RS for MK2.. just in my city..but not in the center than in the suburbs but who cares, I took them.

[Obrazek: 16055148422_2e37d372c8.jpg]

[Obrazek: 15868384468_de8b14dab3.jpg]

[Obrazek: 16030051236_9c028f92b9.jpg]

[Obrazek: 16055835855_4c246ffeb2.jpg]

[Obrazek: 16030050046_3003d37436.jpg]

RE: Garaż maestroba - maestroba - 19-12-2014 13:56

Here is results Smile

Rims painted, polished, new boot and 1.8 GTI

[Obrazek: 15434006704_23d4a16651.jpg]

[Obrazek: 15436637783_4cf39eebff.jpg]

[Obrazek: 16056294095_5855254aa6.jpg]

[Obrazek: 16030508286_f915b41619.jpg]

[Obrazek: 15436636223_e29ddfa338.jpg]

RE: Garaż maestroba - maestroba - 20-12-2014 10:49

New Year is coming and with it the higher salaries (13 salary). So I decided after several years to buy a BMW classics it is a serie E32 735iL (M30B35 I6 -155 kW; 208 hp) 1990yr. The car hasn't been driven a long time, as you can see he needs polishing and probably change the skin on the seats because eventually cracked and faded. But it will be later, now I want ride it and enjoy.

[Obrazek: 15439847514_c1f2f79873.jpg]

[Obrazek: 16060194941_fb14fbe5da.jpg]

[Obrazek: 15874701028_c494848d0e.jpg]

[Obrazek: 15874700648_566ed0d743.jpg]

[Obrazek: 15876068149_8d3dfa8606.jpg]

[Obrazek: 15874854090_50af02e228.jpg]

RE: Garaż maestroba - Scott - 20-12-2014 11:29

The model is look like shit. :c

Po angielsku też rozumiem. W regulaminie nie ma napisanego języka w którym nie można przeklinać, więc we wszystkich. Bad by nie mogło być? /Mariusz

RE: Garaż maestroba - maestroba - 20-12-2014 11:52

Haha. I'm not interested for your opinion. Wink
I guess you could fix little are moderator. Haha