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RE: Garaż maestroba - majkel - 23-12-2014 19:03

Wow it;s not bad.Very nice Smile.

RE: Garaż maestroba - maestroba - 23-12-2014 19:18

Thank you majkel. I try as much as I can and I know Big Grin I have daaaaaamn fckng good plans with him.

RE: Garaż maestroba - maestroba - 28-12-2014 12:03

Weekend as always was excellent Smile

Snow, E32 = chill Heart

[Obrazek: 15941315117_dd61404940.jpg]

[Obrazek: 15939629978_c6a14928c9.jpg]

As I said I had go surprise my father in law with a new SUV.

haha of course he was delighted. He liked, and maybe I'll have to get him one Porsche.

[Obrazek: 16101265416_2a534c2daa.jpg]

[Obrazek: 15941312807_6c5f3a08e7.jpg]

[Obrazek: 15507350803_62fcfe4dc5.jpg]

[Obrazek: 16126318522_de860d41a8.jpg]

RE: Garaż maestroba - Fiecu - 28-12-2014 12:06

If you want better model of E32, write pm to me Wink

vk? Tongue /Mariusz

RE: Garaż maestroba - maestroba - 28-12-2014 12:23

If the model from VK interior is not from e32 than e34.

RE: Garaż maestroba - maestroba - 13-01-2015 9:56

Snow melted so I could finally try out the summer setup. I'm thinking to buy these wheels because they are from friend, and yet I think it would have been better had some style 6 ?

Soon a new car, I found him in the countryside in a garage.

[Obrazek: 16082740660_10593d6dbe.jpg]

[Obrazek: 16269278742_f8e9b65438.jpg]

RE: Garaż maestroba - majkel - 13-01-2015 12:08

I love this 7er Heart.I looking now for another model but i can't find someone good.

RE: Garaż maestroba - maestroba - 14-01-2015 13:02

Style 6 or 37 ?

[Obrazek: 16252417386_e2c6e7679b.jpg]

[Obrazek: 16092491087_9bb1a465ef.jpg]

[Obrazek: 16092231289_8f4dc9ba8f.jpg]

[Obrazek: 16090983390_6c14754cf3.jpg]

I know Majkel, this is beauty. Wink

RE: Garaż maestroba - Huciorek - 14-01-2015 20:13

Style 37 ! Much better.

RE: Garaż maestroba - RaGGa - 15-01-2015 15:53

Style 37.