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RE: Garaż maestroba - maestroba - 04-02-2015 21:57

Thanks. At one point I thought to sell it. But that's not a given. He stayed with me and I think he will stay until the end. Big Grin

RE: Garaż maestroba - maestroba - 06-02-2015 9:32

[Obrazek: 15832871744_8b784453ab.jpg]

RE: Garaż maestroba - maestroba - 08-02-2015 17:01

Yesterday I finally registered car. Feeling good.

[Obrazek: 16472857782_37839055f9.jpg]

[Obrazek: 16472856812_3646965b3f.jpg]

[Obrazek: 16472856062_f8542b4f79.jpg]

[Obrazek: 16286104378_960487f498.jpg]

[Obrazek: 16472854192_cba91800e8.jpg]

RE: Garaż maestroba - patryk2828 - 08-02-2015 18:20

Very good!

RE: Garaż maestroba - RaGGa - 08-02-2015 19:07

Nice BMW. Big Grin

RE: Garaż maestroba - maestroba - 08-02-2015 20:36

Thank you. Auto go to mechanic tomorrow..I buy 2.5 liter engine.. because it plan for everyday driving.

RE: Garaż maestroba - majkel - 09-02-2015 18:45

With this styling wheels its bueatiful Heart.

RE: Garaż maestroba - maestroba - 17-02-2015 21:06

GSI has seen the sun.

Anybody have a recommendation for the wheels?

I might sell it if I find a suitable buyer. Wink

[Obrazek: 16375656348_25b27e6000.jpg]

[Obrazek: 16375654958_e835ed81b9.jpg]

[Obrazek: 15940749624_acd98b61ed.jpg]

[Obrazek: 16377392057_30ac8b2ab2.jpg]

RE: Garaż maestroba - maestroba - 19-02-2015 18:29

I replaced the tires, now is much better, pervous were old and worn..

Next update will be exhaust and I think I work a little on the interior.

[Obrazek: 15959741454_8a55f6eeb1.jpg]

[Obrazek: 16555891716_ec8b1991c3.jpg]

[Obrazek: 16555890056_ba39bef1de.jpg]

[Obrazek: 16396017259_e8e2a94695.jpg]

[Obrazek: 16394849190_f5b0b87d6b.jpg]

[Obrazek: 16555886336_5dc47e7f99.jpg]

[Obrazek: 16581883505_b8597abcbd.jpg]

RE: Garaż maestroba - majkel - 21-02-2015 18:01

Wow is amazing Heart.When you want sell ,i want to buy Big Grin.