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RE: Garaż maestroba - maestroba - 28-01-2018 10:53


BMW E36 328is 1998 year.

Car is a worse conditio, The engine barely turned on. It looks like it was not driven for years. This kid had a good idea for the project but he had accident before 10. years and he has paralised since then, the car is in the garage. It's about 195000km on board. I think this will be a good start for this Bmw ?

[Obrazek: 39231618304_b1c6d23aaa.jpg]

[Obrazek: 25070426257_a91e019a03.jpg]

[Obrazek: 25070418937_2062388570.jpg]

RE: Garaż maestroba - Kris - 28-01-2018 12:07

Very good start. Smile

RE: Garaż maestroba - maestroba - 04-02-2018 14:22

Bumpers done, rear seats done. Next i wan't put white front blinkers and front seats Mtech. Smile Sayonara!

[Obrazek: 40044522912_7645996620.jpg]

[Obrazek: 26203839488_e505d63ea7.jpg]

[Obrazek: 26203836908_892985f849.jpg]

RE: Garaż maestroba - Kris - 04-02-2018 15:45

Dobra robota popraw cień Tongue

RE: Garaż maestroba - maestroba - 13-02-2018 20:03

[Obrazek: 39350929735_66b31a950e_z.jpg]

Summer setup done. Cool

RE: Garaż maestroba - maestroba - 05-08-2018 9:17

[Obrazek: 43808898492_832bb7107c_z.jpg]

[Obrazek: 42048808720_0048cd9281_z.jpg]

[Obrazek: 42953391085_8930ee9633_z.jpg]

[Obrazek: 43856973551_36e127dcb1_z.jpg]

[Obrazek: 43856987411_d6449ee95c_z.jpg]